Isaac and Nancy(Heaberlin) Harless Courtesy of James Heaberlin (hbrln@earthlink.net) Submitted by: Beth Hacker (bethhacker@insightbb.com) WEBSITE: http://www.geocities.com/beth41047/heaberlin.html 12. NANCY C5 HEABERLIN (JOEL RANDOL4, ANDREW3, JOHN GEORGE2, ANDREW1) was born April 1855 in Va., and died 1925. She married ISAAC L. HARLESS November 01, 1874 in Tennessee, son of PHILLIP HARLESS and MARY WILLIAMS. He was born October 1849 in Va., and died 1926 in West VA.. Children of NANCY HEABERLIN and ISAAC HARLESS are: i. SALLIE6 HARLESS, b. Abt. 1877. 14. ii. MARTIN A. HARLESS, b. Abt. 1878, Russell County, VA.; d. 1932, Mercer County West Va. iii. KATE HARLESS, b. 1879. iv. LAURA D HARLESS, b. February 1881. v. MARTHA HARLESS, b. 1883. 15. vi. BERTHA HARLESS, b. 1888. 16. vii. ISSAC JACK HARLESS, b. March 14, 1891, Va.; d. March 1971, Va.. viii. NANCY F. HARLESS, b. 1892; d. August 15, 1893. ix. EMERY LEVY HARLESS, b. March 1895.

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