Relationship Chart  and Instructions


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Instructions to find a relationship between two people .
  1. Identify the common ancestral parents.
  2. Find the relationship of one of the two people, to the common ancestral parents, by moving across the top of the chart.
  3. Moving down the left side of the chart, find the relationship of the second person, to the common ancestral parents.
  4. Read down the column of the first person and across on the row of the second person. The box at the junction of the column and row will identify the relationship.

John & Mary have found that Mary's 4th great grandparents are the same people as John's 2nd great grandparents and they want to find their relationship to each other.
  1. Mary moves across the top of the chart to column 6, as she is a 4th great granddaughter of the common ancestral parents.
  2. Being a 2nd great grandson of the common ancestral parents, John moves down the chart to row 4.
  3. Following the row and the column to the intersection, John & Mary find they are 3rd cousins, twice removed.

If John and Mary only had one grandparent in common, then they would be half 3rd cousins, twice removed.



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