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Harless, A

HARLESS, Adair Travis Jr. (1995) age 77 McAllen, TX
          Other names: NONE
Locations Mentioned:  McAllen TX

HARLESS, Albert Lewis,  (1933-1999) age 65, Medford, OR.
          Other names: NONE
Locations Mentioned:  Medford, Jackson CO., OR
HARLESS, Alfred A.  (1997) age   , Marmet, West VA.
          Other names: Dinace Eskins Harless, Marc Harless, Michael Harless, Debra Congrove, Lisa Brady,
                                         Christa Harless, Emma Gunnoe, Betty Jo Carroll, John Harless, Siebert Harless,
                                         Rev. Mike Long
Locations Mentioned:  Marmet; Globe, AZ; Columbus, OH; AZ; Twilight; Cape Cod, MA; WV;
                                           Minneapolis; Charleston; FL
HARLESS, Alice Noel  (1???-1957) age ??,  Narrows,VA
          Other names:  W.L. Harless, C.L. Shrewsberry, O.C.  Harless, R.H. Harless, R.E. Harless,
                                          Mrs. T.C  Bailey, Rev. B.F. Sublett
Locations Mentioned:   Mercer Co., VA,  Davey, VA, Rising Sun, MD., Hopewell, VA.,
HARLESS, Alx  (1882) age 84, Hoges Store, Giles Co. VA
          Other names:  Juda Harless, Michael and Jane Harless, Jas. L. Turpin
Locations Mentioned:   Clover Hollow, Giles Co., VA
HARLESS, Andrew Sr., (1855-1939) age 84, Anderson, Madison Co, Indiana
          Other names: Sylva Harless, Andrew Jr.  Harless, Everett Harless, Lennie Ethel Musick,
                                         Mamie Musick, John Wesley Harless, Mrs. Dot McCord,  Rev. R. Johnson
Locations Mentioned:  Indianapolis,  Anderson, Madison Co., Indiana
HARLESS, Anna, (1860-1938) age 77, Union City, Indiana
          Other names: Patrick Harless, Donna Harless, M/M John Badalow, Rev. Holroyd
Locations Mentioned:  Union City, Indiana, Ohio
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