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Harless, B

HARLESS, Betty Joe Jeffrey  (1934 - 1999) age 65, Virginia Beach, VA

          Other names: Anna Harless Monreal,  Leonard Grant Jeffrey,  Robert (Robbie) Harless Jr.,
                                          Gertie Moore, Paula Rhodes

Locations Mentioned: Lorado, Man, Logan Co.,WV, Virginia Beach, VA Norfolk

HARLESS, Betty Jane McDerment  (1926-2003) age 77, Sellerburg, Ind.
          Other names: Ray Harless, Ida Payne Harless, Arthur H. McDerment, Diana Marie Bogard,
                               Sandra Kay Janes, Stanford Harless, Rev. Fairley McCormick
Locations Mentioned: Marmet; Ashford, WV; Sellersburg, IN; Racine; Bradley; Jeffersonville, IN;
HARLESS, Billy (2003) age 60,
          Other names: None
Locations Mentioned: Huntington, and Milton WV
HARLESS, Billy E. (1943-2003) age 60 Barboursville, WV
          Other names: Austin Woodard; Carolyn Sue; Lesa Lynn Woodard; Katarina Criddle;
                                         Christopher Harless; Brenda Kay Harless; Dezmond Woodard; Lyle McMickens
Locations Mentioned: Milton; WV; Barboursville; Charleston; Boone County
          Other names:
Locations Mentioned:
          Other names:
Locations Mentioned:

          Other names:

Locations Mentioned:




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Harless, C


HARLESS, C. Bruce  (1911-1994)  age 83, New Albany, Indiana  
          Other names:  John Harless,  Mary Soliday, Etta H. Cooper
Locations Mentioned: Boone County, W. Va, Charlestown, Louisville, Kentucky
HARLESS, Cecil  (1915-1999)  age 84 Logan, West Virginia
          Other names: Lora Jane Shamblin; Jackie Lee; Dorothy Vance; Kay Bray; Norman
Locations Mentioned:  Boonesville, MS; Logan; Lyburn; Cicero, IL; Whitman; Cleveland; Godby
HARLESS, Cecil Kelly "CK" (1932-1999) age 67, Augusta, Virginia
          Other names:  Jimmy Hanf, Charlotte Sartin Harless, Charmaigne Carpenter, James "Jimmy" Harless,
                                           Douglas "Mac" Harless, William "Billy" Harless, Marshall Harless, Lois Stafford,
                                           Betty Roberts, Patsy Bruce, Diane Fewell
Locations Mentioned: Berton,VA., Williston, VA., Radford, Va, Dublin, Va., Pearisburg, Va.,
                                        Christiansburg, Va., Radford,

HARLESS, Charles  (   1992 )  age 67 Smithland, Kentucky
          Other names:  Janette Harless
Locations Mentioned:  Paducah, Smithland, Kentucky, Louisville
HARLESS, Charles V.  (1932-1998) age 66,
          Other names: 
Locations Mentioned:  Elton; Summers County; Beckley; Rainelle
HARLESS, Charles Vernon  (1932-1998) age 66,
          Other names:  Susan Harless; Jim "Ed" Harless; Norma Smith; Walter Harless; Dixie Simmons;
                                           Louise Haynes; Tom Shaver; Dolphus Harless
Locations Mentioned:  Rainelle; Elton; Summers County; Madison Heights, MI; Warren, MI; Beckley;
                                           Meadow Bridge; Ramp; MI
HARLESS, Clara Belle Goble  (1993)  age 93, Prestonsburg, Kentucky
          Other names: None 

Locations Mentioned: Prestonsburg, Louisville, Kentucky

HARLESS, Cleo Lynn "Jack" (1916-1999)  age 83  Chesapeake, VA
          Other names: Elizabeth J. Ostrea, Deborah L. Locher, Mary F. Lucas, Carol S. McClure, Pauline 
                                Walker, Tommy Taylor

Locations Mentioned: Yawkey, WV, Charlotte, NC, Stuart, FL, Staten Island, NY,


HARLESS, Clara  (1886-1936)  age 50 Union City, IN

          Other names:  Albert Harless, Robert LongFellow, Chas Longfellow, Geo Longfellow, Mrs. Don
                                           Housman, Mrs. Malinda Shoemaker, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Longfellow, Rev. Ludwick

Locations Mentioned:  Ansonia, Ohio, Connersville, Ind.,


HARLESS, Clay  (1955-2003)  age 47, Marshall, TX
          Other names: Pat Harless; Kyle Furrh; Rick Eddins; David Harbour; Alexander Clay Harless;
                                      Rachel Harless; Tim Cloninger; Terry Harless; Vernon; Phil; John Paul Jones;
                                      Jamie Harless; Laura Sue Harbour; Anthony Clay Harless; Anne Moore; W. O.
                                      "Curt" Harless; Milton Black; Lee Benson; Jim Cash
Locations Mentioned: San Antonio; Marshall; Carthage; Longview; Terry Lynn Moore
          Other names:

Locations Mentioned:






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